Cindy Miles & Associates is a private outpatient therapy practice specializing in pediatrics. We are dedicated to providing individual, high quality, hands on physical, occupational and speech therapies.One of our primary goals is to build on each individual’s strengths, allowing them to achieve their maximum potential.

We provide appropriate, cost effective treatment that will continually improve the quality of each individual’s life, including caretakers. We coordinate programs, physicians and vendors to provide quality community involvement, medical benefits and equipment needs.

Our practice continues to grow and includes physical, occupational, speech therapists and feeding therapists as well as aquatic and fitness specialists. The majority of our physical and occupational therapists are NDT trained. Over the past 20 years, our facility has had several expansions and now includes ample treatment area and an aquatic center. This expansion has allowed us to host a variety of feeding classes, fitness classes, sensory group classes and continuing education courses, including the 8 week Pediatric NDT course.

Our primary focus of the practice is on the pediatric population, birth through young adult, including young athletes with sports injuries. We will accept adult orthopedic cases on a limited basis. The practice maintains a contract with Lehigh County as Early Intervention Providers, as well as with the Intermediate Units. We accept most private insurances. Please refer to our “Insurances We Accept” section
for more information.

We strive to build on each individual’s strength to allow them to achieve their maximum ability. We provide an accessible area where individuals can independently work on their physical performance; including muscle strengths, cardiovascular endurance, functional ability and mobility. Thus allowing each individual to be the best they can be!