Pediatric - Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapies

Cindy Miles & Associates was a private outpatient therapy practice specializing in pediatrics. We were dedicated to providing individual, high quality, hands-on physical, occupational, speech and feeding therapies.


Cindy Miles & Associates provided family-centered pediatric physical, occupational, speech and feeding therapy in an outpatient private practice setting for 25 years. It was a true privilege serving each family, as we strived for all individuals to reach their highest potential. Thank YOU for the opportunity to have been a part of your family as you helped us grow over the wonderful 25 years (1992-2018).


Our Vision for your child was and remains a Lifespan without boundaries as children and families soar to incredible heights

Our Mission was and remains that children of all abilities will practice and train with increased variability and complexity, without underestimating themselves or their abilities, to achieve their maximum potential.

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Cindy Miles, PT, PhD, PCS, CNDT established her pediatric private practice in 1981. Dr Miles is proud to have served the pediatric population throughout the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas side by side with a group of dedicated individuals committed to serving families, their communities and their professions!

Dr Miles believes that pediatric therapists ARE agents of change! Pediatric therapists ARE and MUST BE advocates for children’s health and wellness from birth and throughout their lifespan...Starting with newborn screenings for appropriate movement patterns and symmetries; then continuing with ANNUAL Check-ups, each with a Pediatric Therapist.

Pediatric Physical Therapists are the
PCP of Development!
PCP of Movement!
PCP of Exercise!

Occupational Therapy

Assist children in the development of self-care, play, and work skills. Self-care skills include feeding, dressing, hygiene, and self-regulation. 


Aquatic programs specialize in therapy, swim lessons with water play activities and water exercise. Aquatic programs develop individual programs focusing on the participant's abilities and goals.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

The overall goal of pediatric physical therapy is to enhance each individual’s capacity to attain their maximum motor development from birth and throughout their lifespan.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is designed to help improve your child’s communication skills so he or she can successfully function at home, school or in the community.

Feeding Therapy

Addresses concerns and safety related to difficulties with chewing, biting, swallowing, acceptance of different food textures, liquid tastes, and consistencies.


Pediatric Therapists Incorporate Evidence-Based Health Promotion & Fitness Strategies to encourage children of All abilities to increase participation! It is never too early or late to start. Pediatric Therapists are the Solution, WE ARE agents of change, advocates for children’s health and wellness across their lifespan. They educate families on the benefits of wellness programming, promote daily physical activity, encourage healthy lifestyle choices, and initiate preventive strategies that identify youth who are inactive.


I only had the best things to say about our therapist. She became a part of our family during our son’s treatment I trusted her completely with his care. She was knowledgeable, professional, loving and careful with him. We are forever grateful.

Our son loved going to therapy. He always looked forward to seeing his therapist. The staff was great, very friendly and attentive.

They were awesome! Thumbs up! They went above and beyond to make progress!

His therapists changed his life! I owe so much to them! Thank you for everything you have done for us!

Fantastic staff, great support system. They partnered with parents and offered so many resources, we could not have gotten through without them