Aquatic Fitness

Since 2003, we have been proud to offer aquatic therapy, aquatic fitness and swimming lessons in our Aquatic Center. Our Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists have been trained in therapeutic aquatics in pediatrics to enhance their knowledge about aquatic treatment. Pool workouts are integrated into the specialized treatments already offered at our facility. We also offer aquatic fitness classes for both children and adults. Our facility also offers classes which promote women’s health using aquatics and circuit training activities.


Swimming Lessons are currently  NOT available

In addition to aquatic sessions for our clients we also offer both group and individual swimming lessons with a certified instructor. These are available to both typically and atypically developing children. Swim lessons are offered in a private class format (1:1) and a semi-private format (2:1). Lessons are also offered in two group formats (3:1) and (4:1). Sessions are available weeknights and Saturday mornings. Please call our office for availability and scheduling.


Pricing is as follows

Private Class (1:1) 6 weeks, 45 minutes per session: $200.00

Semi-Private Class (2:1) 6 weeks, 45 minutes per session: $150.00

Group Class (3:1) 6 weeks, 1 hour per session: $120.00

Group Class (4:1) 6 weeks, 1 hour per session: $100.00