We believe that all individuals need a program for general cardiovascular, strength development, range of motion and/or coordination training.

Our clinic offers a fitness program for clients 8 and older. The program began in 2001 with the use of collegiate interns and student volunteers to allow our clients to work on their cardiovascular and age appropriate strengthening activities outside of their weekly therapy session. The clients were either seeking additional services or they were not eligible for individual therapy through their private insurance company. Many of our clients were also unable to access a Health Club.

In recent years the fitness program has expanded to include not only clients, but typically developing siblings of clients, children from the community who are interested in one-on-one structured activity. The fitness program promotes individual attention with integration with other clients and children. Our goal is to make this a pleasant program for both the client and the student volunteers; while enhancing physical fitness availability for all children in our community.

As a general rule, each client is seen individually by the student volunteer for approximately a 1 hour session. Our facility has collegiate interns and student volunteers on an ongoing basis who interested in pursuing careers in physical, occupational, and speech therapies or special instruction. Our interns and volunteers are screened and interviewed prior to working with our clients. The fitness client is evaluated by a physical therapist and the program is carried out by the intern or student volunteer. The collegiate intern or student volunteer is supervised by a therapist at all times. We strive to schedule fitness sessions during times when their age appropriate peers are present so they have an interactive environment.