Our Therapists are qualified to evaluate and fit various different foot orthotics, hand splints and stretching braces. They work closely with various orthotic companies to provide the best product to fit your child’s needs.

Reasons For Needing Foot Orthotics:

  • Flat Feet
  • Toe Walking
  • In-Toeing
  • High Muscle Tone with Tight Muscles
  • Low Muscle Tone with Weak Muscles
  • Extra Support After a Surgery or Injury

Reasons for Needing Hand Splints or Arm Braces:

  • Difficulty with Handwriting
  • Tight Hand Muscles
  • Tight Arm Muscles
  • Extra Support After Surgery or Injury

Types of Braces and Orthotics:

  • UCBL –  Below the ankle orthotic that fits inside of a shoe to help with flat feet and improving balance
  • SMO – A brace that is slightly above the ankle bone to provide additional support
  • AFO – An orthotic that comes up to the mid shin
  • Nighttime Stretching Brace (for Legs) – A brace that stretches tight muscles overnight while the child sleeps
  • Hand Splints – An orthotic that helps to open the hand or support weak hands
  • Arm Stretching Braces – Orthotics that can range from shoulder to fingers and any range in between